Powerflushing and System Protection

Powerflushing for system protection

Central heating systems over time become sludged and scaled up. Sludge builds up of rust and tiny particles of corroded metal  and starts to collect in the system. Usually first noticed in the radiators.

Sludge can block the flow of hot water in the heating system and cause:

  • Cold spots in radiators
  • Reduced heat output
  • Component corrosion and failure 
  • Reduction in the life of your boiler

To reduce this we recommend a number of preventative steps, which can be added at installation or used for maintenance. 

These include:

  • Fitting a scale reducer on the cold main to reduce the build up of limescale in hard 
  • water areasaround the South East.
  • We clean and service as part of your yearly boiler service a Magnetic magnaclean / spirotech filter. It fits on the heating pipework to collect any iron filings, sludge and metal particles. 
  • BS7593  states very central heating system that has just had a new boiler installed should be powerflushed and cleaned. Using industry standard chemicals such as Fernox and Sentinal. Also using Industry standard powerflush machines.